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Calpano - Task-coordination made simple and reliable

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Personal Knowledge Management (workshop, community)

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Conceptual Data Structures (CDS) Tools (info, download)

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Semantic Wikis (workshop series, community)

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Personal Knowledge Models with Semantic Technologies (PhD thesis)

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Art Of The Day II (photos)

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Gray Is Beautiful


Art Of The Day I (photos)

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Schnittmenge (artist group)

July 2004

Angeknipst Münster (foto composition)

November 2002


RDF2Go — an abstraction over triple (and quad) stores. It allows developers to program against RDF2Go interfaces and choose or change the implementation later easily (Java). Status: Mature.
Ohloh project report for RDF2Go

2005 – Today

RDFReactor — views the RDF data model through object-oriented Java proxies. It makes using RDF easy for Java developers. Technically, it translates an ontology into corresponding Java classes. Status: Mature.
Ohloh project report for RDFREactor

2005 – 2010

SemFS — a semantic file system which exposes itself to the operating system as a WebDAV drive. Status: Incomplete.
Ohloh project report for SemFS

2005 – Today


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